MicroCapital: Trading Science Technology

MicroCapital is an established and successful financial trading firm based on a decade of experience in algorithmic trading. From its office located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, MicroCapital operates on financial markets all over the world.

The main focus of MicroCapital is in researching new trading strategies based on sound scientific principles. MicroCapital also exploits the earning power of its innovative algorithms on the global financial markets. This choice not only allows us to shield off our intellectual property, but it is vital to collect the full potential of our trading rules. Although research is crucial for the future, operations is mission-critical for the company.

The core value of our company lies in our multidisciplinary team of talented people who create the company’s intellectual property on one side, while running the operational business smoothly.

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Our Philosophy

Thanks to our innovative culture, we constantly improve, create and deploy trading algorithms successfully. In order to favor creativity and promote ownership, the company is organised in a dynamic start-up like environment. In this way collaborations and frequent discussions within the team are strongly encouraged, while personal development is achieved. Only through our joint efforts we can both expand our business successfully and run operations flawlessly.

Knowledge and personal development are keys to success. We believe the best way to design and exploit trading strategies effectively, is by maintaining a no-nonsense, informal but professional environment with an eye for personal reward.

We face the challenges as one team, each of us contributing to the best of his or her abilities.